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Hair Extensions Reno Pictures, ombre, sombre, balayage, full shine, augmentation. Hair extensions salon near me. Thermal Bonding, Hair Weaving, Tape-in, Lace Front Wig's, Skin Weft, Hair Replacement, Extensions, Hair Locks, Ombre Hair, Micro-Beads, Ornamental Strands and more.

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Makeup Artist Reno, Bridal, Salon. Hair Extensions near me.

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Do you want to add length and thickness to your hair?

Services I provide include "Hair Weaving" which is a braid and sewn in method, using hand tied or machine weft's and can be done for both partial and full head applications. I also provide Thermal Bonding (also known as Fusion) which is an individual process applied with a Keratin thermal bond and can be used for adding a fun color splash, highlights, thickness and even length. One benefit of this method is that it is easily concealed in your style. Skin Wefting, another option also know as "Tape in's", are very flat and easy to hide and are great for adding hair in thin areas like "bangs" or the top of the head. Hair Locks, also known as "beads, Micro-Beads" are an individual method applied with a silicon lined, copper lock and can be applied individually or with wefts. Locks are great for adding Ornamental strands, like feathers, beads, leather, shells or anything else you can imagine. See my picture albums for some examples of those. Hair Replacement is a custom process that integrates hair where needed using various methods such as "Lace Front", "Top Pieces", "Wigs", Thin Skin pieces and more. Replacement methods can be taped in, clipped in or applied with weaving.

If you desire longer hair or want more thickness then Hair Extensions are a good affordable solution that will get you what you want. I specialize in all methods and have over 30 years experience as a professional stylist / extensionist. I have participated in the development and pioneering of some of these methods and have a very extensive background providing service to "Hair Replacement" and extensions clients all over the world. Give me a call and I will be happy to consult with you and listen to what you desire and then provide you the best solution to get you what you wish.

There are many other services that can contribute to what we can accomplish and things like Hair Color (Ombre / Sombre / Balayage / Corrective Color / Hair Cuts / Hair Styling etc), Wedding Up-Do's and Bridal Makeup are no problem as I am a seasoned professional and everything you see on my website is my actual work on my actual clients. I can help you look your best just like I did with them. My clients are regular people from everywhere ranging from other stylist to entertainers to celebrities and everyone in between, they just happen to look like pro models if I have done my work correctly, lol. You may have seen my work on television, film, online or in print so no need to get into all of that as it has nothing to do with what I can do for you. To find that out, you will need to book your appointment. I'm ready when you are.

The process with me is simple enough and it always starts with a live consultation. I can not help you if I do not see your hair and also learn from you directly what you want or what you desire as an end result. There are many things involved so our initial call is usually focused on meeting you and setting up your consultation. I like to hear what you are looking for before I start talking, lol. Once we have agreed on what will be done and how it will be done we can move one to the fun part, which is of course, you getting the hair of your dreams and me feeling very happy to help you. If you want the hair and makeup of your dreams, just call me.

Thanks for visiting. -Wendalynn

Hair Extensions
Makeup Artist

Reno, NV.

The earliest evidence of people attempting to augment their own hair (via Artificial hair integrations) to change either the appearance or texture date back thousands of years to the very first traces of modern humans in the global record, well before written historic records were kept. During these early times natural substances could be used to color, texturize or change the appearance of natural hair. An example being simply placing oiled, heated, stretched and sometimes roped straw in the hair to give a lengthy appearance and perhaps even a fragrance enhanchment.

At some point these cosmetic changes and techniques became more widespread and multiple variations of techniques evolved into what we now know as Wigs, Hair Pieces, Extensions and the sciences involved with Hair Replacement. The modern reference term "Hair Extensions" (also commonly referred to as "Weaving" in the public lexicon) refers to methods use to add cosmetic length and fullness (thickness) so as to enhance appearances. There are many, many reasons to do this and a lot of the "reasons besides appearances" are covered under the term of "Tricology". I have trained in Tricology with over 2000 hours and 30+ years of advanced experience including that which is involved with being a licensed Cosmetologist in several states during that time.

The methods I use to apply extensions range from all of the popular and industry standard methods to my own proprietary system which is only attributable to the students who I have trained to perform this method and myself. Based on decades of professional exposure and experience I am capable of handling all methods and therefore feel comfortable with all hair related services not just those related to hair extensions. I choose however to focus my energy on extensions as that is my passion and has been. Additionally I myself have been wearing my own extensions for over 25 years as I like to be my own example. Many people say you can't trust a skinny Chef, well I say you can't trust an extensions specialist who doesn't wear them.

"I do it for the lights, I'm a slave to the camera and I'm in it for the action". -Wendalynn